Single Fare 3

February 13, 2013

Tonight was the opening of the third installment of Single Fare, an art exhibition featuring exclusively works on plastic MTA subway cards. You would think this would get old. It doesn’t. Hundreds of people packed into RH Gallery on Duane Street to see tiny portraits, and tiny landscapes, cityscapes, film stills, mosaics, photographs, abstracts—even zoetropes, sculptures and whatnots. (Hey, person who just melted a card into a dirty ripple: either you need to try harder, or you’re a diabolical talent. From 1925.)

Co-founder Jean-Pierre Roy has an idea why people go for it: “You know, I think artists like it because it’s very egalitarian: there’s so many options of what to do with your ideas, that to give everybody the same constraint is kind of freeing in a way. And it allows for kind of a good-natured competitive experience.”

Check it out yourself until February 22.